An Africa VIP connection

A jet from Ghana is a rare occurrence. When it is a small private jet, with an unknown owner, it is escpecially interesting, and was photographed yesterday.

The aircraft, a Hawker 800XP, is registered as 9G-CTH. This registration belongs to Ghana, but there is no information on who owns it. Typically, for such an African country, the owner would be either someone from the government or a pretty rich individual.

The aircraft arrived in Geneva at 5h55 pm yesterday, 24 October. As of mid-afternoon on the following day it has not left. Being unusual, one of our intrepid spotters photographed it, putting in the comment

Rare visitor at GVA! But with very bad light! :-(

Offhand, I don't know of any special reason: is anything happening in the UN right now?

The only other visit from Ghana appears to be that of a Lockheed jetstar II, 9G-ABF, owned by Jet Air Ghana Limited, which came here twice in early May last year.

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