Aruba has lots of aircraft!

Aruba is an island, just north of Venezuela, which has very many aircraft registered in it. One particular one, a Boeing 737 belonging to the Kazakhstan Government, is a frequent visitor to Geneva.

All aircraft having an identifier beginning with P4 (P4-xyz) are registered in the tiny Caribbean island of Aruba. First acquired in 1636 by the Dutch, it is now an autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

For some reason unknown to me, it has a very large number of aircraft registered under its authority, virtually always actually operated in a different country. Quite frequently, the companies registering an aircraft there are from the eastern bloc of countries (ex-USSR). The rather rich Russian tycoon, Roman Abramovich, has a couple if helicopters registered there, and which have been seen in Geneva.

One particular aircraft is a Boeing 737 registered as P4-KAZ. Unsurprisingly, this aircraft is supposed to belong to the Kazakhstan government. Slightly more surprising is the fact that since August 2010 this aircraft is a regular visitor to Geneva. When it arrived in Geneva on 18 September it was duly photographed by a Geneva spotter.

One possibility is perhaps related to the purchase, at the beginning of 2010, of a large property in Anières, by Dinara Kulibayeva, daughter of the Kazakh president. Another possibility is the nomination, earlier this year, of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan as the new Director General at the United Nations European office in Geneva.

Whatever the reason, it seems to denote a strong connection between Kazakhstan and Geneva.

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