A lightweight powered glider

Switzerland does not allow internal flights of ULM aircraft, but does allow a category of powered gliders. One UFM (Ultralight Flying Machines) came near Geneva yesterday.

I think that I saw one of these powered gliders at the Sion air show last weekend. I was therefore interested to see that one came to somewhere near Geneva yesterday, 22 September.

This powered glider has the Swiss registration HB-YKK. In the official Swiss registry it is described as homebuilt of type LAMBADA UFM 13, with its main owner being Michael Lanz, of Steffisburg. It has several co-owners, one of whom lives in the deliciously-named town of Unterlangenegg (that could surely only be in Switzerland!).

The aircraft is actually designed by a company called Urban Air s.r.o., of the Czech Republic. They sell it either in a kit form, to be assembled by the purchaser, or factory-assembled. Interestingly, they do not call it a powered glider, but simply an ultra-light.

I was interested to see that the fuel consumption is said to be 8 litres per hour. If one assumes that this is for its cruise speed of 150 kph, this translates to 2.66 litres per 100 kilometres. Certainly better than almost all cars!


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Excellent. Il manque juste une photo. Où a-t-il atterri?

Posted by: JF Mabut | 09/23/2011

On ne peut pas savoir, parce que son transpondeur est très simple, donc pas de co-ordonnées GPS. Je pourrais regarder le dernier altitude: peut-être Nyon.Notre détecteur peut detecter des messages jusqu'à Payerne, Chambéry, Lyon (s'il n'y a pas une montagne).

Un des liens dans l'article contient un photo: je n'ai pas le droit de le mettre dans mon blog.

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 09/23/2011

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