Two NICE late easyJet flights: why?

On 29 July the last easyJet return flight from Nice ought to have been redirected to Lyon, instead of landing in Geneva at 01h04. Last night the reverse happened. The explanation and a question!

On July 29 the last easyJet Switzerland flight to Nice and back, after leaving Geneva already 2h30 late, was predictably VERY late returning, but was allowed to land at 1h04 thanks to a special permission granted by the Geneva airport management, supposedly only allowed for reasons which are exceptional and unforeseeable. Since the lateness was entirely foreseeable, I wrote a letter to this paper to complain. The airport's reply, somewhat predictably, stated that the explanation was given on the airport web site. In consulting it you might, or might not, be surprised at exactly how little real details are contained in that explanation.

Last night, 29 August, the same flight left for Nice only (!) about 90 minutes late, then leaving Nice for Geneva 85 minutes late. Thus, it would normally have landed in Geneva around midnight, well before the 0h30 closure time. However, it was diverted to Lyon, from where the passengers would have returned by bus. Tough, but when you pay so little for a flight (maybe as little as 23 Euros plus credit card fees) you must realistically anticipate the occasional discomfort!

So why did this aircraft not come back to Geneva last night? In case you think that the airport was being nice and strict, I have to disillusion you. In both days of a delayed return, the basic cause was an easyJet Switzerland aircraft which did not fly after the early afternoon. Since easyJet Switzerland has no spare aircraft, this meant that easyJet Switzerland had to temporarily borrow aircraft from easyJet UK. Last night, this resulted in the Geneva-Nice flight being operated by a borrowed aircraft (G-EZMH). This in turn would have meant this borrowed aircraft returning to Geneva too late to fly out again. At Lyon, however, it could fly out again: in actual fact it left there around 0h45 to go (empty) to Milan, from where it was used for an early Milan-Malta flight.

So that is the explanation: the question, given that the Nice-Geneva flight could have been operated normally is this:-

What explanation was given to the passengers on the Nice-Geneva flight for the deviation to Lyon?

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