Another Bernhard Stamm?

We all know of the Swiss yachtsman, Bernhard Stamm, but there is another Swiss person of this name who likes to build experimental aircraft. One of his aircraft recently came to Geneva.

I think that they are not the same person, although I could be wrong. The one that I reference is the co-owner of a Swiss-registered aircraft with registration HB-YNL, the other co-owner being Rolf Schmid. In the Swiss registry it is classed as in the special category "Homebuilt", is called a SPORTCRUISER and was built in 2010.

This aircraft came to the Geneva region on the morning of Saturday 13 August, leaving again about 24 hours later. It is not possible for me to know if it was actually to Geneva airport or to one of the small airports around here. The fact that it was the weekend of the fireworks might suggest that the owner(s) wanted to see sparks fly!

I actually believe that work on this aircraft was started some time before that, because on the Web there is a letter, in German, dated 05.02.2008 and marked as sent by the Experimental Aviation of Switzerland Secretariat. This organisation does have quite an impressive web site.

One curiosity is that the short ICAO type descriptor for this aircraft is "CRUZ", which, as well as being the name of a well-known film star lady, can be pronounced as "cruise".

Perhaps, if the two Stamms get together, they could design a flying boat, which could then be used for cruises :-)


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