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easyjet_pub 003.JPGPeople waiting for arriving passengers at Geneva airport can see offers for easyJet flights, but the price quoted does not include credit or debit card charges.


While waiting for an arriving passenger, I watched as the TV screens showed various announcements for easyJet flights to various destinations. Being particularly interested in flights to and from Nice, one of which recently returned to Geneva after 1am, and having already noted that unless you have a debit card almost impossible to obtain in Switzerland you will have to pay an extra fee of 16 or 26 Swiss Francs, I photographed the announcement that offered flights as low as 28.90 CHF.

On the announcement ther is an asterisk just after the price, but it is not mentioned anywhere what this asterisk indicates. What is marked, however, is that the quoted price is a minimum price which includes all necessary taxes (toutes taxes comprises).

In actual fact, the quoted price is not quite the lowest one which seems to be available within the next few months, but the difference is only just a few Francs. However, I can understand why the Swiss Federal Secretariat for the Economy (SECO : Secrétariat d'Etat à l'écomomie) is apparently not satisfied that these extra charges are sufficiently clearly indicated on easyJet advertisement.

I wonder what the Geneva Airport Management thinks!

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On peut assimiler ça à de l'escroquerie ... tout simplement.

Posted by: My name | 08/22/2011

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