A rescue helicopter for a third day!

HBZEN rescue 004.JPGFor a third day in a row I witnessed at close range a helicopter come to the aid of a person in distress. This time it was the HUG helicopter coming to Versoix.

Yesterday, after witnessing rescue missions on two consecutive days, I suggested that perhaps I attract helicopters. I should have remembered the saying "Jamais deux sans trois" (Never two without three): a prophecy which came true today while I was enjoying a light lunch at the "Moby Dick" buffet in Port Choiseul, just up from Versoix centre.

On their terrace we all watched with interest as the yellow helicopter, registration HB-ZEN, of Geneva Hospital swooped in and then landed on the small beach next to the Versoix Club Nautique restaurant in a space which had been cleared by the police. Having already finished my meal, I walked back in that direction to have a close look at the helicopter which I, and many other people, have very often seen flying over our heads.

HBZEN rescue 006.JPGFrom the conversation of people, plus the door from which the unfortunate person was brought on a stretcher to the helicopter, I understood that it was someone who had been taken ill inside the restaurant. Once he or she was on board the helicopter pilot wasted little time before taking off back towards Geneva.

At this point I should mention that I have eaten many times at the restaurant, which has a nice balcony terrace on which one can eat well whilst enjoying a view of the boats on the lake, including the beautiful CGN paddle steamer, plus the constant activity in the port itself. I think that no-one will imagine for one minute that the food there is less than first class (filets de perches: yummy), nor that it had anything to do with the person being taken suddenly ill.

I do hope that all the persons who have been evacuated by helicopter make a quick recovery, and also that the helicopter observation sequence now ends.

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