Airborne complaints

An American financial broker was so upset about the political and financial high-ups that she sent up an aircraft trailing a banner with a message.

The broker concerned was actually a lady, Lucy Nobbe, who was critical of the financiers and politicians involved in the haggling over the debt ceiling which led up to the downgrading of America's debt from AAA to AA+. She decided to charter an aircraft which would trail a banner with her message and fly around both the White House and the New York Stock Exchange. Her message :-

Thanks for the downgrade, you should all be fired.

Because of a no-fly zone around Washington centre, she had to restrict herself to the Wall Street area. However, the subsequent publicity will certainly have reached the Oval Office, since it was very widely reported in the press, including on a video.

I wonder if anyone would be allowed to do a similar thing here, flying around the Federal Parliament in Berne and the Paradeplatz in Zurich. If so, what might be the message and to whom might it be addressed?

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