Never apologise, never explain!

After problems all day last Wednesday for easyJet in Geneva, it was the turn of KLM in Amsterdam to have problems. In neither case can I find any explanation.


I already blogged about some unexplained problems for easyJet Switzerland last Wednesday, July 13, which meant that none of their 12 Geneva-based aircraft took off before 7am (making a much quieter morning for Vernier residents). To illustrate how strange this is, would you care to guess the minimum number of their aircraft which have taken off before 7am on a weekday since March 27 (the start of the summer schedules)? The answer is 5 (yes, five). Has anyone explained and apologised for the resulting delays? Not on your life.

The following day, Thursday 14 July (Bastille day!) it was the turn of KLM, and perhaps some other airlines to a lesser extent, at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. From mid-afternoon there were numerous cancellations, including two KLM flights to and from Geneva. The last KLM flight of the day, KL1937, due here at 9h45pm, only landed just after 11pm, about the same delay as the last easyJet flight from there, due here an hour later but which landed just after midnight.

The problems were far from being just Amsterdam-Geneva, but affected very many European flights. Intercontinental flights seem to have continued more or less normally.

I tried to test out some possible reasons: a powerful thunderstorm, a failure of the computer system, a fire in one of the airport buildings, some over-excited french nationals celebrating their national day. For none of these did a Web search reveal anything. Likewise, as with the Geneva Airport Web site and the airline sites, it seems as if there is a disinclination to inform travellers of any unwelcome news. I even sent a message to the contact email address in Schiphol, without as yet having received any reply.

Never apologise, never explain!

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