easyJet in Geneva has a problem today

All the first easyJet Switzerland departures from Geneva were delayed this morning : July 13. The airport gives no information as to why! A strike?

For some unexplained reason, no easyJet aircraft took off from Geneva airport this morning before 7am. In consequence, all except one left with a delay of between 1 and 2 hours. I checked to see if other aircraft left early, which they did, and if there was any problem in Basel, which there was not. Since there have been reports of strikes by easyJet cabin staff, my only supposition is that they had a token (!) strike here this morning. This may, of course, be entirely wrong!

It was also strange that one of the twelve aircraft here overnight, registration HB-JZQ, went out empty to Basel, from where it then operated between Basel and Gatwick. A quick investigation suggests that an aircraft at Basel overnight (HB-JZS) may have been unable to fly early this morning, so HB-JZQ went there to help out the other side of the roestigraben.

This, of course, left a hole in Geneva, which was plugged by reversing the first Geneva-Gatwick-Geneva flight, using the UK aircraft G-EZIX, and thus making the first Geneva-Gatwick flight have four hours of delay. It looks very much as if other Geneva-Gatwick flights may have similar delays, whilst all other easyJet Switzerland flights today may suffer from a knock-on effect of the "strike!".

I was asked yesterday by someone wanting to go with easyJet to Gatwick next month which was the best flight: my reply was to avoid the first morning flight, which may well have a 4-hour delay (I know someone who has had this happen to them twice already). However, in the case of today, I do not understand why a Geneva-based aircraft had to go to Basel then Gatwick, rather than the scheduled Gatwick from Geneva.

And the cause of the lateness this morning?

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