Calling in at Geneva!

Today, 27 June, an Alitalia had to make a stop in Geneva, which has been explained. However, one that happened yesterday was more mysterious

The press and the TV teletext reported that today, 27 June, an Alitalia aircraft flying from Milan to Brussels made an emergency landing in Geneva at 7h45 this morning. Although Alitalia appears not to have commented, the reason may have been that there was a strange smell inside the aircraft.

By a curious coincidence, the only flight which had to circle for a time while the Alitalia aircraft landed was flight SN271, Belgian Airlines from Brussels.

More curious was an unreported (as far as I can tell) incident yesterday, where the flight TP691, TAP from Vienna to Lisbon, was almost over Lyon when it turned around and returned to land in Geneva at 4h28 pm. It was obviously some sort of emergency, because the airport was closed to all other traffic for about 15 minutes, causing several aircraft to be held in stacking loops. The aircraft left about an hour later.

Another reason why this latter incident was curious is that at 4h08 pm the aircraft transponder broadcast an emergency transmission, giving its height ( 36125 feet) and position (latitude 45.84855, longitude 4.96445, so you can throw this at Google Earth to see the exact position!).

It has been suggested to me that this might have been a medical emergency, but I do not understand how that might have caused the transponder message.

We should hope that these incidents are kept to a minimum, since the TV Telejournal news programme this evening reported on how busy things are likely to be for Skyguide at the airport when the holiday season gets into full swing.

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The aircraft was squaking 7700 at the time, which is the general emergency, thus ATC knows it needs special assistance to clear the way for a quick landing, which means closing down the runway too.

Posted by: Patrick | 06/27/2011

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