Paris to Naples via Geneva

Passengers on Air France 2378 from Paris to Naples had an unexpected stop in Geneva yesterday, a change of aircraft and a very late arrival in Naples. Explanation.

20110622_AFR2378_att.jpgThe Air France flight AF2378, from Paris (Charles de Gaulle) to Naples yesterday, 22 June, left Paris at 10:14 am, about 40 minutes late. However, instead of going there directly, it landed in Geneva at 11:38 am. It obviously had a technical problem, because its flight path prior to landing was rather unusual (a path that looks a bit like Neptune's trident!).

The technical problem looks to have been serious enough that airport traffic was essentially halted for 20 minutes (between 11h22 and 11h42) to let this aircraft land. This had the effect that at least two incoming flights (AF1842 and LX443) had to circle around for many minutes above the Jura mountains.

Happily, the Air France aircraft (an Airbus A321, not surprising since it was Air France) landed safely. However, it stayed in Geneva all day, before leaving again just before 10pm to go back to Paris.

How did the passengers get to Naples? Well, Air France managed to borrow a Boeing 737 aircraft from the Dutch company, Transavia (a bit surprising that they could not find one of their own aircraft!). This Boeing flew into Geneva at 8h55 pm, probably (in view of its approach direction) coming from Holland. It then left again, for Naples, at 10h13 pm. Thus, although the passengers might have been able to enjoy Geneva airport shopping and restaurants all afternoon, they would have only arrived rather late at night in Naples.

Holland-France 1-0 and Boeing-Airbus 1-0. I believe that there was also another 1-0 last night!

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A number of airliners are circling above the city at the moment, and the reason behind this seems to be flight TP691 (A319 CS-TTM) Vienna-Lisbon which has turned back near Lyon and is coming to land here. Probably a medical emergency.

Posted by: Patrick | 06/26/2011

The following emergency signal came from the transponder

Emergency at 16:08:35.926 on 2011/06/26 aircraft 49528D Callsign TAP691

It does look as if the runway was closed between 16:15 and the landing of TP691 at 16:28.

I do not think that we can yet know why this is happening.I am not sure why a transponder emergency signal would be generated by a medical emergency!

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 06/26/2011

The flight has resumed its journey, so I guess it was a medical emergency. If it was a mechanical, I believe it would have been better to land at Lyon since there are two runways.


Posted by: Patrock | 06/26/2011

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