Lyon to Madrid via Geneva!

Thursday, 16 June, in the early afternoon an unscheduled easyJet UK Airbus A319 landed, then took off again. It seems to have been going from Lyon to Madrid!

The Airbus A319, registration G-EZGL, landed in Geneva at 12h38 on 16 June, then left again at 2h03 pm, without being listed on the airport arrivals/departures list. It used the call sign EZY44AT, which cannot immediately be traced to a particular flight. However, the powers of search on the Internet are very great.

Looking up the recent history of G-EZGL quickly shows that this was a flight supposedly from Lyon to Madrid. A confirmation of this comes from checking on the call sign, which is shown as belonging to flight EZY4401, leaving Lyon at 11h05 am and arriving in Madrid at 1 pm.

Lyon-Madrid.jpgConfirmation of this comes from checking the path of the aircraft: it came in south of Geneva, turned over Thonon, flew over Nernier and landed on runway 23. For the departure, it took off over Vernier and then headed back towards Lyon and Madrid.

My surmise is that it had some problem immediately after takeoff from Lyon, for which the company felt that the servicing facilities in Geneva were better capable of checking, and parhaps repairing it. Whatever it was, one can hope that the passengers enjoyed their aerial view of Geneva and the beautiful lakeside.

It is not infrequent to see flights that make an unscheduled stop in Geneva. Mostly, however, these are ones which would normally fly near to Geneva anyway and decide to land for some reason (perhaps a medical alert for a passenger). Such unscheduled stops are normally indicated on the arrivals/departures list.

Why did this one come here and why was it not listed? Ask the airport.

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