Airport arrivals : misleading information

When the Geneva airport information suggests no known delay for an arrival, maybe you should check the status at the departure airport!

Whit Monday, 13 June, and I am waiting for a friend booked on BA728 from London Heathrow to Geneva, scheduled to arrive at 12h55. Around 11h I check on the TV teletext: no indication of any delay. I also check the airport Web site: same thing. Then I check my email, to see that half an hour ago my friend sent me an email to say the flight would be at least an hour late!

OK, let us get to the source of the problem. Googling Heathrow departures, I rapidly get to the Heathrow airport departures web site and see that the departure is scheduled for 11h24 (UK time) instead of 10h15 : a delay of precisely 69 minutes. This information has also got to the more general and widespread (and accurate) flight information system website flightstats.com, and also to flightaware.com .

In this day and age of instant data communications, I find it strange (an understatement!) that the information should not have been obtained in Geneva and incorporated into the arrivals information. As I write this, it is 11h35 Geneva time, 20 minutes after the time when the aircraft should have left London, and the Geneva airport web site information still shows no delay!

Result for 13.06.2011
Situation on 13.06.2011 11:34

Scheduled Expected Origin Airline Flight Status
12:55 London LHR - Heathrow BRITISH AIRWAYS BA728

Geneva Airport: your passenger information system sucks!

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