I went to Amsterdam instead of Brussels

(easyJet Switzerland Airbus HB-JZ)I was rerouted from Brussels to Amsterdam last night because of a strike in protest at Swissport replacing Aviapartner for baggage handling at Brussels airport.

I have not had much to write in my secret diary just recently, mostly because springtime is a relatively peaceful time between the busy ski season and the busy summer holiday season. This has meant that my brothers and I could pop into our local service station fairly regularly for a wash and brush up.

Unfortunately, yesterday, 8 June 2011, I got affected by a dispute and industrial action at Brussels airport. It appears that the subject of the dispute was the decision, announced yesterday by the management at Brussels airport, to replace Aviapartner by Swissport for baggage handling and associated services as from November 1st. This prompted a strike by some aircraft loading staff and baggage handlers in Brussels which affected several flights.

Maybe it was because I am an aircraft from Switzerland, due to fly there from Geneva yesterday evening, that my masters felt that I would be a prime target for the strikers. Anyway, they decided to send me to Amsterdam instead: I expect my passengers would then take a bus from Amsterdam to Brussels. Of course, when I actually got to Amsterdam (rather late), there were no passengers to bring back to Geneva, so I flew back empty, landing at 11h40 pm. I did get told that such late flights without passengers are frowned upon, but that is beyond my remit.

It looks as if my company is still unwelcome in Brussels, as this morning's flight to there seems also not to have taken place. Since it should have been flown by my twin brother J, I am a bit jealous that he has had a long lie-in today. How long this strike will affect us, and also why we seem to be the only company cancelling flights to and from Brussels, is in the lap of the gods. Rather a pity for the easyJet passengers between Geneva and Brussels, seeing their flights cancelled, yet Brussels Airlines flying the same route, since the policy of our masters is not generally to put people on flights of other airlines. Maybe some of them will decide to take the high speed train: I am told that this is quite a relaxing way to travel.

My brothers and I are all wondering what things will be like when the real holiday season comes around. It seems that on most, maybe even all, days of the week all 12 of us here will be on the go from early morning to late evening. I am not sure what might happen when one of us is taken ill (as happened frequently last Summer)!

Time will tell!

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