Three Spanish high-flyers

Over the weekend I received three reports of high-flying happenings involving Spain. One was rather questionable!

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DSK, masculinity and flights

The weekend press reported widely on the DSK affair, plus other men linked to criminal investigations. Airline flights can be a common denominator.

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Salon EBACE: an interesting week.

Once again, the week of EBACE showed up some interesting happenings. The Cessna aircraft company even flew a jet to Annemasse airport for the week.

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The Way of St James: walk or fly?

"The Way of St James" is the English name for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This summer, one can be a walking or a flying pilgrim.

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A DC3 springs to life

The coming of Spring has been accompanied by that of the DC3 of the Super Constellation Flyers Association. Their "Connie" is also flying again.

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Stay the night in Berlin!

Yet again, an easyJet night flight from Berlin to Geneva cancelled. Why is Berlin so much in disfavour and does it bode ill for the Summer?

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Curtains for night flights

If you are disturbed in your bedroom at night by aircraft movements, perhaps you should buy some special noise-reducing curtains!

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Contaminated fuel at Tel Aviv : the epilogue

The easyJet A320 Airbus finally got back from Tel Aviv, having been grounded there for nearly 4 days after the contaminated fuel incident there. A costly affair!

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Air fares are taking off

As the price of oil rises, so does what we pay for flights. It might be obvious (fuel surcharge) or hidden (booking fees), but it is there.

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More late takeoffs in May

In this first week of May, of four takeoffs after 11pm, three have been non-scheduled services. Why are such late takeoffs for private clients allowed?

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Contaminated fuel in Tel Aviv airport

The cancellation of the easyJet return flight from Tel Aviv had an unusual explanation: contaminated fuel at the Tel Aviv airport. Who would have paid the passenger compensation?

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Helicopters this (early) morning

In the hours between midnight and 6 am this morning, 5 May,  the medical aid helicopters were busy. Might the airport tell us more?

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