The Way of St James: walk or fly?

"The Way of St James" is the English name for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This summer, one can be a walking or a flying pilgrim.

Those people that watched the Royal Wedding and listened carefully to the first hymn ("Guide me, O thou great Redeemer", sung to the magnificent Welsh tune "Cwm Rhondda") will have heard the second line :-

Pilgrim through this barren land.

One of the best known pilgrimages is The Camino de Santiago de Compostela, known in English as The Way of St James. Legend has it that the apostle James went to Spain to preach, and that bones found there are his remains, though apparently the Vatican, whilst encouraging the pilgrimages, does not necessarily accept this as proven.

In fact, there are many pilgrimages possible, all normally ending at Santiago de Compostela. It has been known also for some pilgrims to continue to the sea at Finisterre, once believed to be the end of the world.

If you fancy a pilgrimage to there, but are worried by the distance, or the possibility of barren lands on the way (if the current drought continues!), you might fancy flying from Geneva to there (and/or back!) with the new easyJet Switzerland flight EZS 1337/1338. Most appropriately, this is operating on Sundays since yesterday, 15 May.

The airport in Santiago de Compostela is mainly for flights within Spain, but does have seasonal flights from London, Paris and Dublin. According to my checks, this flight from Geneva is a first.

With this flight, plus various other recent changes, easyJet Switzerland now requires a minimum oif 12 aircraft based in Geneva (ARAG has long campaigned for a spare aircraft here, so far without success). Currently, there are only 11, to which we can add one Airbus A319 (G-EZID) borrowed from easyJet UK.

Should we pray that they don't ask for its return?


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