A DC3 springs to life

The coming of Spring has been accompanied by that of the DC3 of the Super Constellation Flyers Association. Their "Connie" is also flying again.

As their name suggests, the owners of the Swiss-registered DC3 aircraft HB-IRJ are actually more known for their Lockheed Super Constellation, registered as HB-RSC. Both aircraft can be seen in Geneva this year.

The DC3 has actually already been seen in Geneva this Spring. After arriving here on 19 April it has been based her, with a couple of absences: one of 4 days and one of just 7 hours. No doubt the avid spotters know where it is parked.

The Super Constellation was last seen here in September 2009. A search on the Web shows many pictures of it, plus a video, which were taken on 30 April of this year in Lahr, Germany (where the DC3 also was seen on the same day). Some of these comment that it has undergone extensive corrosion repair, done in Zurich by SR Technics (who also maintain much more modern aircraft in Geneva).

That day, 30 April, appears to have been the occasion for an airshow of a lot of old and unusual aircraft at Lahr airport. This is a privately-operated airport which used to belong to the Canadian Air Forces. It reverted to being a civilian airport in 1994.

The Web site of the Association states that its first passengers (free!) flight of this year will take place on Thursday, June 2, at Zurich. Most appropriately, this is Ascension Thursday. It should then be seen on the following Sunday, June 5, here in Geneva.

Cameras and earplugs at the ready!

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