Curtains for night flights

If you are disturbed in your bedroom at night by aircraft movements, perhaps you should buy some special noise-reducing curtains!

I heard of this possibility when listening to the "gadget guru" radio programme on World Radio Switzerland. This emission on 9 May talked about three unrelated subjects : "hacking insurance", antimatter science at CERN (ahead of the TV showing of the film "Angels and Demons) and soundproof curtains. The first of these three subjects might interest you if you are one of the users of Sony's worldwide gaming networg (and have perhaps had your credit card details discovered), the second one if you like exotic science and the last one if you live near Geneva Airport.

Not surprisingly, this blog talks about the last subject. I will leave you to listen to it if you like the technical details, but the overall idea is that the Swiss institutes Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) Dübendorf and St. Gallen, and the Federal CTI funding agency have created a textile which is transparent and light yet is good at absorbing sound.

The radio program actually considers this in the light of buildings which are near a noise source such as roads or railways, but could reduce noise in general. According to the programme, these textiles are already available via a company called "Annette Douglas Textiles", and are primarily aimed at conference rooms. There is not a great deal of choice of colours.

So whether or not you have yet had your accommodation soundproofed at the Airport's expense, maybe this might interest you.

I doubt that the Airport would pay, though!

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