More late takeoffs in May

In this first week of May, of four takeoffs after 11pm, three have been non-scheduled services. Why are such late takeoffs for private clients allowed?

Four late takeoffs (after 11pm) last week. Only one was a scheduled service of easyJet: on Thursday to Gatwick, late because of one of their aircraft got stuck in Tel Aviv after a problem of contaminated fuel there.

Monday, 2 May: take-off at 11h52 pm of a Falcon 7X of Dasnair AG. We have no idea when it was scheduled, nor why it was late, and (in my experience) Dasnair are not going to enlighten us.

Later that same night, at 00h17 am, a Jetstream 41 turbo-prop aircraft took off. This was a flight of the UK company Eastern Airlines, which operates scheduled services around the UK and up to Norway, but also does some private charter services. The aircraft, which arrived on the Monday morning, can carry up to around 30 passengers, so it is entirely possible that it brought a group to Geneva for the day, possibly for some specific event (a concert?).

On Tuesday at 11h50 pm we heard yet another late take-off, at 11h50 pm, of an Embraer Legacy ERJ135 belonging to Global Jet Luxembourg. This company is now responsible for three such late take-offs (after 11 pm) this year, but has never yet responded to an enquiry.

Of course, all of this is permitted by the rules for Swiss airports, as specified by the Swiss Civil Aviation Authority, OFAC. However, OFAC also asks that airlines do not schedule departures after 10pm, and this request is adhered to by all the scheduled commercial airlines based at Geneva airport. Apparently, however, rich clients have no compunctions in requesting late departures, whilst the airport authorities keep us in the dark about the scheduled departure times of their flights!

One law for the rich and one for the poor!

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