International Noise Awareness Day

Today, April 27 2011, is International Noise Awareness Day: in French it is la Journée International contre le bruit. Does anyone in Geneva take notice?

I have seen two blogs in this paper which referenced International Noise Awareness day: one yesterday and one today. There have also been mentions of it on the Swiss radio, both in English and in French. It is also said that Geneva is launching a campaign to make people aware of the problem of noise.

Somehow, however, there is very rarely any direct reference to the fact that air traffic contributes significantly to the noise around Geneva. In particular, this traffic starts early in the day and often continues late at night, even sometimes after midnight. However, as was said in the recent report of the World Health Organisation, about which I already blogged, this night noise can seriously affect people, especially children.

In following up references to noise on the official Geneva site, I found an interesting (but difficult to manipulate) site which shows not only the contours of aircraft noise according to the time of day, but also the NO2 emissions according to the region. These show not only how these NO2 emissions have been getting worse, but also that there are two particularly bad areas: the centre of Geneva and the car parking area of the airport! The pictures below show the area, the average values over 2002 to 2009 and the values in 2009.








Go by train?

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