Air Mauritius : problems again!

Yet again, passengers on the weekly flight of Air Mauritius have had to suffer a long delay. Many will have had the pleasure of a night in a Geneva hotel and a day at the airport.

The weekly Friday evening flight from Geneva to Mauritius, using old and noisy aircraft of Air Mauritius, has a long history of problems. The latest one was last Friday evening, 15 April, when the aircraft arrived on time from Frankfurt just before 8h30 pm, was scheduled to leave at 9h50 pm but did not leave at all. I actually noticed this non-event because of not hearing the sound of its departure, which would have been over Versoix, and therefore having a quiet evening.

It is hard to imagine anyone being rerouted at that very late hour, so the passengers would have had to stay in Geneva overnight. Some Geneva passengers (we are never told how many passengers boarded in Frankfurt and how many in Geneva!) may have been able to return home for the night, but a large number must surely have been placed in hotels overnight: how fortunate that it is a quiet time, so they were probably not too far from the airport.

As of the following morning, Saturday, the departure was scheduled for 3 pm, but the expected time was later put to 7 pm. Not exactly a good start to the holiday that some people might have planned: a 2-week Easter break! Even the 7 pm was over-optimistic: I watched the aircraft struggle to gain height as it flew over Versoix at 8h50 pm: just less than 24 hours late!

Just before that take-off I saw on the evening Swiss Romande television news programme a little cameo report on our airport, already busy and expecting even more traffic next weekend. Just after a passenger said that he was looking to rest and profit from the sunshine, the programme stated that there were no delays on the (departure) boards : "aucuns delais sur le tableau".

Perhaps they thought that this flight was an hour early, rather than 23 hours late!

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