The evolution of Darwin

Now that Darwin have taken over FlyBaboo we can see the changes happening. One, probably a change of aircraft decor, was not done here: why?

Since the summer scheduled came into force on the last Sunday of March, flights which were previously operated under the Baboo call sign are now operated under the Darwin call sign. Thus, for instance, the Baboo flight to Venice, which used to be BBO157 (but the airport called it F7228!), is now DWT190 (0D190 on the airport departure board).

It does look as if the Darwin management is a little better organised than was Baboo. The flights seem to be on time and the aircrew enter the correct flight callsign (though, early on, one aircrew put in the callsign DARWIN19, instead of DWT190!).

Two of the aircraft (HB-JQA and HB-JQB) which used to be in the Baboo colours now appear to be changed to the Darwin colours: these are the two Bombardier DHC-8-402. However, in order to be changed it seems as if they had to go somewhere else. On Saturday 26 March these aircraft left Geneva with the unassigned callsigns BBO9000 and BBO9002. On the following day they returned as DWT9001 and DWT9003. I cannot quite understand why this day and night trip was necessary: easyJet manage to re-register planes here in Geneva. Wherever it was, I hope that the air crew enjoyed their overnight stay.

Two other Baboo aircraft, HB-JQF and HB-JQG (both are Embraer ERJ190), have not moved to Darwin. HB-JQF, which had hardly flown this year, left Geneva on 25 March and has not been seen since. H-JQG, which operated until 14 March, did a quick out and back flight on 18 March, but has not been seen since. I guess that we can assume that neither will be flying for Darwin in the near future.

I was surprised to see that the summer schedules, which were only published two days before they came into operation, stil lists all of these as Baboo flights. A bit confusing!

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