A VVVIP flying from Geneva?

Just after midday today, 29 March, a very impressive convoy was driving on the Route de Meyrin towards the airport. A Very Very VIP?

I happened to be on the Route de Meyrin, passing the end of the airport runway towards France, when I saw this convoy of vehicles going in the other direction. At least a dozen police motorcycles, mostly ahead, plus about six cars and a police car. Very impressive: I don't think I ever remember seeing a convoy like it.

So who was it and where might (s)he or they be heading, assuming that the convoy was going towards the airport (though this may be an incorrect supposition)? I had a look at the departures, but nothing was very obvious.

Was it an East European tycoon going back to the Ukraine in a Boeing 737 with the descriptive registration UR-GAS? I doubt it, just as I doubt the private Airbus A319 of Daimler Chrysler Aviation (even if they are selling more cars now).

Was it someone very important booked on the first flight of Gulf Air to Bahrain, and who was rather late? Doubtful also, since the aircraft left on time at 12h15 (a Boeing 737 apparently still registered in Switzerland as belonging to Privatair SA).

A bit more far-fetched might be Mark Muller having heard of a plot of land in Cologny at a very reasonable price! A delegate to the London conference on Libya, who overslept! Darius Rochebin having been called in urgently to plan the telejournal at 19h30 this evening!

My strong supposition is that it was Shimon Peres who, after talking to Micheline Calmy-Rey yesterday, stayed in France and wanted to come into Geneva without risking being served with a criminal complaint by the NGO association "Droit pour tous". It appears that this association did file with the Geneva prosecution service a complaint of war crimes and crimes against humanity. IMHO, such NGOs tend to be biased in their choice of target!

Any other ideas?


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