Tennis champion Tiriac owns an airline

One very interesting visitor to Geneva just before the motor show was a business jet of an airline owned by the tennis star Ion Ţiriac. Should our RF take note of this?

The Bombardier BD-700 jet aircraft with registration YR-TIK arrived in Geneva in the early afternoon of Tuesday 1 March, leaving again just over a day later. This jet aircraft is owned by the Romanian airline Tiriac Air, named after the famous tennis player of that name. On both flights it used the call sign TIH111, which might suggest that it was carrying someone important, perhaps even the Big Boss. I felt it worthwhile to look up some details of him and his airline.

The Romanian tennis star, Ion Ţiriac, was a top-class Romanian tennis player. Like the Swiss player Jakob Hlasek (also born in Eastern Europe) he switched to tennis from his initial preferred sport, ice hockey. Although never a singles Grand Slam champion, he was associated with another Romanian player, Ilie Năstase, with whom he won the French Open mens doubles competition in 1970. He and Ilie made a very formidable Davis Cup team, appearing in three finals, unfortunately losing every time.

After ending his tennis career, he became a very successful businessman in Germany. When the communist system in his home country collapsed he moved back there and started several businesses. He rapidly became extremely rich, not only by Romanian standards (he is said to be the richest Romanian) but also internationally: he is quite well placed on the Forbes list of rich persons.

One of his businesses was the airline called after him, Tiriac Air, which started business in 1997 as a company specialising in business travel and charters. The company has since grown in size, currently owning 5 jet aircraft and two helicopters. According to its web site, his airline has the only business terminal in Romania.

All this might lead us to wonder what Roger Federer might do when he retires from tennis. He will certainly be very rich: probably rich enough to acquire a smallish airline, and it is tempting to think that he might then call it FederAir! If he does, then one thing would be pretty sure :-

The in-flight service would be excellent and the delivery rapid!


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