A poor week for some easyJet passengers

This week, returning easyJet passengers from Rome and Barcelona might have felt as if it was last summer revisited: delay, annulation and rerouting via Lyon.

Not a good week for easyJet Switzerland, with two of their aircraft being unable to return to Geneva on the day that they were supposed to return. Although details are unlikely to be forthcoming, it seems likely that two different aircraft had some kind of problems after their outward journey.

On Tuesday, 15 March, the easyJet Switzerland Airbus A319 HB-JZO went to Rome as flight EZS1345 but did not return as the foreseen flight EZS1346. On the following morning, a different A319, HB-JZM left early for Rome as flight EZS1343.  However, instead of returning as EZS1344, it brought back the passengers who had been unable to return the previous day. We can deduce this because it returned as flight EZS9346: the flight numbering method used by easyJet to indicate a replacement flight. There have been numerous such 9000 flights, as can easily be verified by looking with the ARAG movement enquiry system, GAME, for all such flights.

So what about HB-JZO, and the passengers from Rome who expected to return on flight EZS1344 on the Wednesday morning? Well, the aircraft finally managed to bring them back to Geneva (many hours) late on Wednesday afternoon. It then did not fly again for over a day, so the guess is that it was being serviced (repaired?).

The other problem was a different A319, HB-JZG, which went to Barcelona on time as its last trip on the same Tuesday, but did not come straight back. The Airport site announced that it was diverted, which means that it left Barcelona too late to get back at a reasonable time to Geneva: this almost certainly means that it was sent to Lyon, from where the passengers would have had the pleasure of an early morning coach ride back to Geneva. The aircraft then returned empty, as ferry flight EZS8003. Since it then resumed its normal flying rotations, we can assume that whatever happened in Barcelona, which might not even have been anything concerning the aircraft itself, was only a temporary problem.

It is to be hoped that these incidents are not repeated too often, expecially as the new summer schedules are due to start on Sunday 27 March. These schedules will surely involve many more flights for easyJet Switzerland.

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