The flying TOY is a Toyota!

The Motor show is attracting some interesting visitors to Geneva Airport. Three of them are quite amusing and mysterious.

The title of this blog is there because of a visit by an aircraft using the callsigns TOY106 and TOY107 when it came here and left again yesterday, 7 March. Its ICAO Identification number, 4A5321, took quite a bit of tracking down before I (think that I) identified it as a Cessna Citation 560XL belonging to Toyo Aviation SRL, of Canada. The callsign, however, was perfectly valid, since the ICAO has assigned TOY to Toyota Canada Inc.

Another interesting one is a Learjet 60, which was recently (February of this year) re-registered in the Isle of Man as M-AUTO. Not surprisingly, the register of that "country" lists it as now belonging to the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile: what a surprise! It arrived here on the Tuesday, just before the motor show began, then left again on the Thursday.

The last one is still a bit of a mystery, being one whose identification number, 300306, belongs to Italy but is as yet resisting all my attempts to track it down. However, when I saw that it came here yesterday using the callsign TAIF I realised that this is just FIAT spelled backwards. It could possibly be the helicopter I-TAIF, for which no-one seems to know what identification number it has, but which has been photographed many times. The photographs show it as being dark blue underneath, just a bit like the one that overflew my old house last Sunday.

I wonder if ...!

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