Hillary and other visitors

The arrival of Hillary Clinton allowed aircraft spotters to see the nice USAF Boeing C32 aircraft. Other countries, including Iran, came in rather more mundane, or special, aircraft.

The UN Human Rights Council last Monday, attended by Hillary Clinton, attracted a good number of representatives of other major countries. Some of them came in miltary or government aircraft, not so often seen here in Geneva, so the dedicated band of plane spotters and photographers at the airport were no doubt happy to see them.

Hillary arrived on the Sunday night, just before midnight, in the US Air Force Boeing C32 with registration number 99-0004. This aircraft is a military transport version of the Boeing 757, and is regularly used by her, flying with the call sign "Air Force Two".

Some representatives of other countries also came here in military aircraft. Whilst the German delegation was large enough to merit an Airbus A319 (the same as most of the easyJet aircraft which we see), the Belgian and Spanish delegations had to make do with small Falcon-900 jet aircraft. There is no obvious way to see how other West European representatives arrived: either they came in hired private jets or on normal commercial flights.

The Iranian representatives came in a government Airbus A321. This is a relatively modern (built in 2000) aircraft, whereas their national company, Iran Air, has to use much older Airbus A306 or A310.

From East Europe, the largest visitor was the Russian Government Ilyushin IL96, specially noted on the Geneva Spotters blog. The Czech delegation had to make do with the much smaller, and older, Yakovlev Yak40.

Now that they have all gone away, there will be space for the private jets of the car manufacturers and rich clients. I'll keep an eye on them.

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Il ne manque plus que les photos des spotters. Quand est-ce que vous en convainquez un de bloguer? Bien à vous

Posted by: JF Mabut | 03/02/2011

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