New building inside the noise limit(e)s!

A diplomatic mission wants to build something near Genthod, right in the worst airport noise zone.What is it?

Limites 8.jpg

In the official Geneva newspaper "Feuille d'Avis Officielle" on 11 February, a request to construct a building for a diplomatic mission showed the address as being 8 ch des Limites, in Genthod, and which is listed as construction zone type 5. I know this area quite well, and am constantly surprised how permission was given some years ago for a housing estate near, sometimes inside, the noise contour known as the alarm zone. Normally, authorisations for housing inside, and even just outside, this contour are supposed to be refused on the grounds of noise.

I am no expert in the laws and definitions on construction zones, so when the construction request specifies that this plot of land is number 2110 and is in zone 5, I deduce from the other requests in zone 5 that it is typically a zone of villas. I do not know whether the building proposed is in the style of a villa, or even for a building to be lived in.

What makes it of interest is the fact that there is a derogation request under the heading of LALAT (a federal law on constructions and land planning of 4 June, 1987). This demand for a derogation is specified with the number 26, which I assume is a reference to some particular item in the LALAT laws.

I do know of requests for authorisations, for villas just outside this noise alarm zone contour, which have been refused on the basis of an unfavourable report from the cantonal noise service. It would be interesting to know what was their report on this request.

The fact of this derogation being demanded for a diplomatic mission inevitably will make some people think that there is one law for the rich and another law for the poor!

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