Air Mauritius, Air Zimbabwe

To be compared with Air Zimbabwe is considered as a stigma. The short-sighted choice by Air Mauritius for their long-haul flight shows that they are also astigmatic!


Last Summer it was the comparison of the performance of a well-known low-cost airline with that of Air Zimbabwe which resulted in a large number of discussions in the media. A review of the performance of Air Mauritius in Geneva suggests that a similar comparison could be made for their long-haul flight from Geneva to Mauritius.

As a reminder, in Winter their evening flight to Mauritius is scheduled once or twice per week to come to Geneva from Frankfurt at 7.35pm, drop some passengers and pick up some more, then leave for Mauritius at 9pm. These are what are called block on and block off times, i.e. at the departure gate.

When we had snow (that white stuff missing at the moment!) in Europe last December, the fact of it having to call in at two snow-bound airports already caused a number of late departures and cancellations. Since the start of January, however, this should not have been any problem. Nonetheless, of the 11 departures since 1 January, only three have actually taken off before 10pm.

The latest night departure was on 2 February at 0h31, just after the normal closing time of 0h29, for which the airport management accorded the usual privilege of a special derogation. It was due to some (unexplained) delay of well over 3 hours for the Frankfurt stopover.

20110212_MAU5059.jpgWorse, however, for the passengers (but better for people living around the airport, since it is always very noisy) was the scheduled departure last Friday evening (11 February). It seems that the aircraft coming to Frankfurt got no further than Mombasa before making an unscheduled stopover. It then came directly to Geneva on Saturday morning, arriving here just after 6.30am and then leaving for Mauritius at 8h25am (doing the usual sightseeing loop before crossing the alps).

I would suppose that the passengers from Frankfurt on Friday night, plus those in Geneva who did not have a nearby home to go back to that night, would have been given a night in a hotel in Geneva (or France?) before leaving on Saturday morning, whilst the passengers to Frankfurt would have been then put on flights from Geneva. One cannot suppose that these latter passengers would have entirely enjoyed their return: three flights (one overnight) instead of one!

I would suggest that someone reads the riot act to the management of Air Mauritius, telling them to choose just one European airport and to make a much better job of punctuality and performance.

Is it for companies like Air Mauritius that Geneva Airport wants to build a new long-haul terminal?

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