(HB-JZ)I have a new step-brother!

My name is HB-JZI, an A319 of the easyJet Switzerland Airbus family. I now have a new adopted stepbrother, an A320 called HB-JZX. I wonder how he will be used!

This is another excerpt from my Secret Diary, so please don't tell too many people that you have read it!

geztp.jpgMy new step-brother used to be called G-EZTP and lived in the UK. I noticed that he was coming here from his old base in London Gatwick very frequently since the start of February, so when he came in without any passengers last Monday, 7 February, and was taken immediately into the maintenance hangars, I half-guessed that he might be the next member of our easyJet Switzerland family. However, my masters probably heard of my suspicions, so they sent me off to Bordeaux the next day without a return ticket!

Actually, unusual things seem sometimes to happen to us when we go to Bordeauy. On the evening of Saturday 6 February my brother HB-JZG went to Bordeaux just as usual, not late at all, but he did not come back until just after midday on ther Sunday. We all suspected that he got invited to a party in a night club, drank too much red wine anf then got arrested by the local gendarmes for drunkenness. However, he maintains that it was just a normal brief illness.

It was a bit the same when I went to Bordeaux on the Tuesday evening: I met another brother (HB-JZH) there, who said that he had been ordered to replace me on the return journey. As a result, I eventually finished up in Basel again (my Basler Schwytzerdütsch is improving, and I also begin to understand he Zürich accent). This, of course, means that I only know second-hand (SMS messages and Tweets) what has happened back in Geneva.

It took just 3 days for G-EZTP to be naturalised and change identity and name. His identity is now 4B1A65, instead of 406228, and he is now called HB-JZX. As soon as this had been done he started flying for us, in particular on the routes where our masters usually put an A320, bigger than all of us A319 brothers. He has already done Tel Aviv and Porto, and may well add in Hurghada quite soon, which has allowed his brother HB-JZR to do a few short trips around mainland Europe.

Of course, the big question now will be to see if these two A320 brothers are scheduled to have the maximum possible number of passengers. If they both are, then if ever one of them has problems (which, as we all know, does happen) there will be consequences: maybe a very delayed flight (next day?), a cancellation or a replacement with one of us A319 full brothers (after throwing off some passengers!).

Things might become clearer when the new summer schedules come out in late March. We are all anxious to see them, and to work out if, as we have requested, we will be allowed more time between flights (vital in mid-summer!), or if one of us will be kept as a spare aircraft in case of technical problems (something that we have always been promised, but which has never happened!). Right now, with the light winter schedules, there is mostly at least one spare aircraft available, but in mid-summer ?

Time will tell!

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