easyJet : a quick spin and then ...

On Tuesday 1 February the easyJet flight to Malaga turned around just after takeoff. How fortunate for the passengers that there was a spare aircraft!

Clearly, just after the easyJet Switzerland  A319 Airbus HB-JZN took off at 13h48 on Tuesday 1 February, the pilot noticed that something was wrong. The aircraft would normally turn around quite quickly to head for Spain, but instead it carried on towards Lausanne for quite a time before doing a U-turn, coming back on the Jura side of the airport then landing again at 14h14. I have no idea of the reason, but these things happen sometimes.

Fortunately, during the winter season, not all of the easyJet aircraft based here fly all of the time. Indeed, out of the 11 aircraft in Geneva, only 6 left first thing in the morning. So much for the myth that if easyJet cannot fly all of their aircraft all the time between 6am and 0h30am they will desert Geneva!

Anyway, that meant that there were spare aircraft available, so another A319 (HB-JZG) was able to make the round trip, taking off at 16h10. Just as well, as the published timetables show the next flight as only being on Friday 4 February.

The moral of the story is that easyJet should have learned the lesson and should ensure that there is at least one spare aircraft here next Summer: this would make a repeat of last Summer's problems less likely.

20110201_EZS1433.jpgI was also interested to read in the paper of Thursday 3 February that the calculation of how much kerosene fuel is burnt by aircraft filling up in Geneva is only calculated within a Landing and Take-off Cycle, which only applies to aircraft less than 3000 ft above ground. As a guide, I plotted the path of this aircraft and put markers at where it rose above this altitude (just after Versoix when taking off over the lake) and again where it dropped down again.

It has to be said that modern aircraft climb quite rapidly. The ones that do a U-turn to fly back over France on the Jura side of the airport are always above this height. Thus, although the fuel is burnt quite close to us, we don't count it when talking about pollution from kerosene fuel loaded at Geneva airport. In my book this is called exporting the pollution!

Too bad for those poor people near to us in France!

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