Vernier: another evening of unexpected noise

Last Monday evening, 17 January, the aviation activities at Geneva airport found multiple novel ways to disturb the sleep of Vernier residents.

In theory, Vernier should have been free of aircraft noise last Monday, 17 January, after 10pm. Even when the Aeroflot flight to Moscow went out just slightly late (takeoff at 10.02pm, followed by a cargo flight at 10.04pm (we don't have any scheduling information for these flights), things seemed not too bad.

Unfortunately, Vernier residents might have forgotten that the very noisy Air Mauritius flight, scheduled to leave at 9pm, was yet again delayed by the usual hour or so, only taking off at 10.20pm and registering 92 dBA on the ARAG Vernier noise monitoring station (16 times as loud as the other departures after 10pm!).

Still, that was the last of the scheduled departures, so surely the Vernier residents could open their windows and sleep? Unfortunately not! Just after this Air Mauritius departure, which was followed by a couple of normal landings over Versoix (a Baboo DHC8 and an easyJet Switzerland Airbus A319), two aircraft of easyJet Switzerland had to abort their landing at the last minute. This involved the pilot powering the enjines to go up (over Vernier) and around. Even with a detailed investigation of this, I cannot see any reason: the previous aircraft to land had quickly left the runway. Although the official explanation (if I asked for one and if anyone replied!) would doubtless be that this was a standard procedure, for operational and safety reasons, it is very unusual to have two successive aircraft abort their landing so late.

Never mind, now things should really be quiet again over Vernier! Wrong again, unfortunately. The last two takeoffs were both small jets belonging to charter companies, evidently not indicated on the Geneva Airport departures board.

At 10.47 pm Vernier residents could hear the noise of a small Cessna 525A (supposedly limited to 8 passengers maximum) belonging to the private jet charter company Air Charter Scotland. Could there be some rich Scots who came here to ski?

Then, at 11.40pm, the final takeoff: an Embraer Legacy 600 (bigger, capable of transporting 13 passengers) belonging to London Executive Aviation. This actually was quieter than all the others: the company does appreciate the noise aspects of late night departures.

Clearly, late departures of business jets carrying a small number of passengers are difficult to tolerate, yet the airport will never give any indication of when or why such late departures are planned. For the latter of the two, a departure at that time would have required a special derogation at either Basel or Zurich, both of which have opted to close at 11.30pm. Geneva airport, however, shows no sign of being willing to allow its neighbouring population an hour extra of sleep: it fights tooth and nail to retain the 0h30 closure.

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Hello, I'd like to meet you. I'm a sound recordist (is that correct?) and I work about the noise pollutions...
Thank you... Have a nice day!
Karelle Menine

Posted by: Menine | 01/21/2011

Vous êtes qui?

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 01/21/2011

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