The Tunisian Falcon private jet in Geneva

Tunisia Falcon 900B.jpgThere is a Tunisian private jet, type Falcon 900B, currently in Geneva. This is what it looks like!


It was reported in the press a few days ago that, according to Tunisian sources, a private Falcon 900 jet belonging to the clan of the deposed Tunisian President, Ben Ali, was currently parked at Geneva airport. The airport management, not unsurprisingly, refused to comment.

Using the ARAG airport movement enquiry system, it was simple to find that a Tunisian aircraft of this type arrived in Geneva at 18h33 on the 10 January. The registration of this aircraft is TS-JSM. According to the aircraft information site airframes.org, this aircraft officially belongs to a company called Tunisavia, and was seen coming into Geneva on that day using the callsign @@@@@@@@. Such callsigns are usually temporary ones, but this arrival used no proper call sign.

Last year, this jet paid 7 visits to Geneva, as opposed to only 2 in 2009 (both in November 2009). On no occasion did it use any callsign. No doubt the Tunisian sources will be wondering if it was transporting just passengers, or also cargo.

As of today, Wednesday 19 January, the Swiss government has blocked any transfer of funds belonging to the ex-president and his family. This jet could probably be counted as part of the funds, since the web site of Tunisavia, listing itself as a company for business aviation, does not include this aircraft in its fleet list. In any case, many sources suggest that the clan of Ben Ali controlled virtually everything in Tunisia.

My guess is that it will not be leaving here for some time.

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cet avion appartient a sakher elmatri le beau fils de ben ali (marié a nesrine ben ali)d'ou l'immatriculation du falcon TS_ISM

Posted by: khaled | 01/20/2011

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