Annulled early easyJet departures !

Yesterday, Tuesday 11 January, there were four less early departures of easyJet Switzerland aircraft than normal : flights previously cancelled? Was anyone originally booked on them?

As of the start of 2010, on Tuesdays there are normally 11 early departures of flights of easyJet Switzerland, corresponding to the eleven of their aircraft normally available. There were indeed 11 aircraft here in Geneva overnight, but only six actually left more or less on time. One other flight (EZS1485 to Pristina) left about 2h30 late, whilst another one (EZS1425 to Alicante) is not scheduled again until February.

That leaves three unexpectedly idle aircraft: not at all the sort of thing that easyJet do, since they want all aircraft flying all the time. So I looked up what were these missing three flights. According to the published timetables, and like previous Tuesdays, these should have been EZS1353 to Amsterdam at 6h20, EZS1399 to Paris at 6h35 and EZS1379 to Nice at 6h40. They were not marked as cancelled, so it can be assumed that they had already been cancelled prior to the Tuesday.

Why? Was there some scheduled event which made it clear that the aircraft, or even flight crews, would be unavailable? Were the flights cancelled after passengers had reserved on them, and if so what were the passengers told?

The EC regulations do permit companies to cancel flights well in advance: cancellations at least 2 weeks in advance do not give rise to the right to compensation, although airlines are still expected to offer assistance. Cancellation with less than two weeks notice, however, does include compensation clauses, which get stronger when the notice is less than 7 days.

I would be happy to hear if anyone did actually book on one of these non-operating flights, or even the very late Pristina flight, and if so then when were they told and how were they helped (and perhaps compensated)!

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I wonder if you have any info available about the cancellation of Easyjet flight 2060 to Luton on Sunday, 9th Jan? Easyjet have said the flight was cancelled due to a 'technical reason' but won't elaborate. It seems to be the only flight cancelled that day so I assume it was a plane reason rather than any problems with the airport. Easyjet are saying that it is 'extraordinary circumstances', which it isn't if it is a technical plane reason. Means they are trying to avoid paying passengers the compensation they are owed.

Posted by: Mel | 01/17/2011

easyJet flight EZY2060 is run by easyJet UK. It is the return flight of EZY2059, from and back to Luton, which runs on Saturdays and Sundays. On that Sunday it was cancelled both ways. All other easyJet UK flights to and from Luton that day were on-time. I cannot tell you more immediately, though I can try to tap sources in the UK.
Yesterday, easyJet UK had 46 departures from Luton! In the past I have heard various stories about them not having flight crews available, but even so they should have been able to find an aircraft and a crew later in the day.
IN MY OPINION they either have to tell you the reason (the extraordinary circumstances) or pay up. In any case, a technical plane reason is not an answer, as easyJet have stated that they have spare planes, and Luton is a main base.
I would suggest that you write a formal letter to easyJet UK, with copies to easyJet Switzerland, to the Swiss regulatory body, OFAC (who will open a dossier) and to the UK regulatory authority.

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 01/17/2011

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