I saw problems for easyJet passengers recently

In this next installment of my (HB-JZI easyJet Airbus A319) secret diary I can say something about the period from Christmas 2010 to the start of 2011. I had a difficult time, as did some of my Swiss brothers and quite a lot of our passengers.

A bad end to a terrible year has been followed by a bad start to 2011!

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After various problems just before Christmas (I got stuck in Brussels), all of our easyJet Switzerland Airbus family had a day off on Christmas day. I am not quite sure from where, but I came back to Geneva the next day, without any passengers, then had to get back to work immediately. Since then, although there have not been any real problems of bad weather or strikes (I call these Industrial Inaction) to affect us, things have been very hectic.

I heard from my older brother F that on the 26 December he was listed to go to Marrakech, but actually it seems that he stopped in at Agadir first: not quite sure why, but since he is older than me I don't ask questions. All I know is that he then got back about 5 hours late, so an English cousin had to help us out with a flight from Gatwick to here and back again, Even with that help, three of us only got back after midnight.

The next day being a Monday, normally a quiet day, we all thought that we could recover: no such luck.  I woke up feeling rather poorly, so I could not do my planned trip to Berlin and back. For some reason, Berlin seems to have a jinx on it: things often go wrong. This was proved when my new young brother W went there in the afternoon (the trip where he then has to go to Amsterdam and back before returning to Geneva: daft, if you ask me!). Something went wrong and he didn't get back here. What all the passengers for Berlin-Geneva thought that day I hardly dare to imagine).

The Tuesday was really a bad day. W only got back from Berlin at 2pm, so he actually missed the morning's problems whereby most of us were late leaving on our second flight of the day, which eventually meant that N was very late leaving for his evening flight to Porto, so was stuck there overnight. In addition to that, O was delayed for 8 hours here in Geneva before leaving for Lisbon so late that he had to stop in Lyon on the way back, whilst two of us (I and W) only just got back before the 0h30 night curfew.

That meant that we started Wednesday 29 December missing two of my brothers, so we had to call on some Gatwick cousins to help us out (though with the usual long delays, of course).

By the morning of Thursday 30 December we were back to having 12 of us in Geneva at the start of the day, which should have been one more than we needed for the day's programme. However, V was sick all day and K was unable to fly until late afternoon, so a trip to Alicante had to wait until an English cousin could fly in to help us: I doubt that the passengers for there appreciated the very long delay!

By the Friday, New Year's Eve, we had time to recover, as we all stopped work early to get the champagne out to toast in the New Year. We all hoped that it would be better than 2010 (it can hardly be worse, surely!). However, I think that we maybe overdid the celebrations, because the next mornig I had a bad hangover and missed my first trip to Nice, whilst my twin brother J had an even worse hangover and could not start work until the afternoon.

The next day, Sunday 2 January, there were hordes of passengers wanting to fly. However, both J and V were in a bad way, with neither feeling up to flying until late in the afternoon. The result was that the morning flight to Berlin (yet again!)) had to wait for another English cousin to help out (hours late) and the afternoon flight to and from Lisbon was simply cancelled. Add to that the fact that Q went to Barcelona then could only get as far back as Lyon overnight and you can understand why some of our long-suffering passengers might complain again.

Monday 3 January we managed (slowly) to get back to normal, although V again did no flying. I was disappointed that my twin brother J has gone somewhere else, being replaced by G. I know that between the Swiss and the English it is easy to mix up G and J, but I know who is and who is not my twin.

So today (Tuesday 4 January) we thought that things would be calm, especially because there were 12 of us here overnight and only 11 early morning departures. How wrong can you be? For some reason that I don't understand, N was sent off with no passengers (called a ferry flight), whilst V again feels unable to fly. Result: eleven destinations, ten aircraft, so our masters are again calling on English cousins to help us out by doing the Gatwick flights in reverse order. Of course, that means that all three of our flights to Gatwick (EZS8463, EZS8467 and EZS8481) will leave more than 4 hours late: how the Big Boss on the top floor somewhere across the water thinks that we can offer a satisfactory service to businessmen just baffles me!

All in all, a bad end to a terrible year is being followed by a bad start to this new year!

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