Why no press release from the airport today?

Now I know that the Irishman, Murphy, is alive and well. In releasing what I called a typically self-adulatory press release saying how well things had gone on Monday, 27 December, the airport tempted fate. It looks as if fate won!

In yesterday's blog I commented on what I called a self-adulatory press release coming from the airport. If there were to be one today, it would have to be in a very different style, in order to explain why there were almost no departures between 8h40 and 11h yesterday, 28 December.

I first noticed how something had gone wrong when I saw that one late incoming easyJet Switzerland flight, from Porto, had been cancelled, whilst another one, from Lisbon, was diverted (presumably to Lyon, so that the passengers could enjoy a coach from Lyon to Geneva in the early hours of this morning). There were also two landings between 0h and 0h30 this morning, both easyJet Switzerland.

I did expect some easyJet disruption yesterday, because they had an aircraft stuck in Berlin on Monday night, which only returned to Geneva yesterday afternoon, plus another one which remained immobile in Geneva for 8 hours yesterday. However, the effects seemed more serious even than this, so I put on my Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat and examined the details.

After seeing that several easyJet aircraft took longer than usual between their first morning return and their second departure (this is usually only around an hour between landing and taking off again) I decided to expand my enquiry to all airlines. Then, in what I call my inspiration for the day (you would perhaps call it blind luck) I realised that since all takeoffs were over Vernier, I could look at the noise measurements of the Vernier noise monitoring station. Voilà.




Just four take-offs between 8h45 and 11h: many less than usual and none of easyJet!

So can we expect an explanation. I think the airport people do read my blog, because they have removed from their web site the useless press news which I pointed out only yesterday, so will they respond to this invitation?

Watch this space!



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