GVA.CH : an unexpected error occured (sic)

Maybe it is because today is a busy day, maybe because Paris has problems, but the Geneva Airport web site is AGAIN not working!


Trying to find out what is happening this morning, using three different browsers, I finally managed to get more than a blank page. However, this was NOT progress.

How long before the Geneva Airport management realises the simple fact that, in times of stress, this Web site is not fit for purpose, and either outsources it to a capable company or spends a little of their vast profits on a decent in-house Web team?

And, in case you think that this is a one-off happening, below is what I got a couple of days ago: I could give you the technical explanations, but the effect is simply that parts of the Web page are transferred incorrectly, so the whole thing looks a mess!

Enjoy your day, even if you have to fly.


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