I (HB-JZI) am back at last to help out.

Now that it is crunch time for the airport and airlines, I have been allowed to come back. I hope that all goes well, that N recovers and J does not oversleep again, that I can get back from Brussels and that all my readers get where they want to go (and back again, in  due course) and have a truly Merry Christmas.

HB-JZI.jpgThis is the first time that I (easyJet Switzerland Airbus A319 HB-JZI) have managed to release a chapter of my secret diary for some time. I am a bit hazy as to where I have been between 12 and 22 December 2010, though the general flight information web site says I was grounded. Was I being disciplined for leaking extracts of my secret diary (imitating Wikileaks!)? Had I been drinking too much garlic-tainted kerosene, worn the wrong colour clothes, not been smiling enough to my passengers? Were any UBS bankers blowing the whistle on me?

Anyway, I got back here late on Wednesday evening. I suspect that I might have been rushed back because of my brother N, who had a bad turn on his way to Paris on Tuesday night. He was feeling so bad that he had to return to Geneva only 40 minutes after leaving, and was immediately sent to the sick bay, where he stayed on Wednesday and Thursday.

On returning here, I was delighted to see my twin brother J, who I had not seen for weeks. We had lots to catch up on that Wednesday night: so much so that J overslept badly on Thursday morning and missed his early flight to Gatwick. Fortunately, one of the cousins from there helped us out, though it did again mean long delays for Gatwick passengers. They should be getting used to this, by now.

I thought that things were going to be fine on Thursday, 23 December, but as Robert Burns wrote

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft a-gley

This time it was K, who went to Marrakech in the morning and could not return. I have no idea why, but I hardly think that it was a snow problem. Anyway, that left us short of an aircraft, so our Masters cancelled trips to Barcelona (the second day in succession) and Bordeaux. Then it was my turn to suffer: my last trip of the day, to Brussels, was not too delayed leaving, but I was not able to get back. There is a whisper that it was because of a lack of de-icing liquid (I did feel rather cold!), but I have had no information on this. Anyway, I did actually leave Brussels after midnight, but without any passengers, nor any knowledge of my destination: if you see me then please send me a message.

I have had a few SMS messages and twitters from various brothers to say that the cold and snow are messing things up again. I tried to get onto the Geneva airport Web site to check, but I never managed to connect properly.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to every passenger that I have carried, or might carry in the future.


ps. J just contacted me to say that he tried on Friday morning to come and see me in Brussels, but had to turn around and go back to Geneva: when will I see him again?

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