Poor decisions attract bad luck!

Poor, illogical planning of flights is common to the very noisy takeoff over Versoix at 0h36 last Saturday morning (11 December), three consecutive cancelled easyJet evening returns from Berlin last week and the latest return of a commercial flight (EZS1458 from Porto) this Autumn! In such cases, Murphy's law applies!

The Air Mauritius flight which leaves Geneva late on Mondays and Fridays in the winter has often been the cause of a very noisy takeoff very late at night: the one last Friday night (actually, Saturday morning) shows that even scheduling the departure for 9pm is not a guarantee of avoiding such a disagreeable event. The root cause is the insistence that the flight pick up passengers at Frankfurt and then at Geneva: last Friday the landing in Frankfurt was 2h30 late, and that in Geneva was 3h30 late.

It would seem obvious that this planning is done because Geneva cannot provide enough passengers on its own for a direct flight, but the airport management does not want to lose face by losing a prestige flight. However, scheduling two stops in central or northern Europe in winter clearly increases the chances of a problem. In fact, the passengers on this very delayed flight did actually get to their destination more or less on time, which was not the case for passengers on two previous flights this Autumn.

The case of the easyJet Switzerland return from Berlin is actually very similar. Between the flight to Berlin in the afternoon and the return in the evening the aircraft has to go to Amsterdam and back. This scheduling, the only such case by easyJet this winter, again increases the likelihood of problems, whilst at the same time ensuring that any problem will have a worse effect because no other easyJet aircraft can easily help (and the Berlin airport is not one in which easyJet has the same facilities as in Geneva). The end effect is that passengers who had booked for the Berlin to Geneva flight last Wednesday night could, if they have not found alternative routes, not have flown here until this evening, Sunday 12 December.

The final case, the latest night return this Autumn, is in essence very similar. The aircraft involved was the only Airbus A320 on the fleet of easyJet Switzerland. This aircraft was already involved in some high-profile cancellations during the Summer, including that which affected a group of young people from Domdidier. At the moment it is scheduled to go to Tel Aviv and back, then to Porto and back. When, as happened on 2 December, it is late coming back from Tel Aviv there is no other aircraft that can take its place (because all the rest are smaller Airbus A319). Thus, the flight to Porto is either very late or is cancelled.

So all of the incidents mentioned, whilst provoked by various causes mostly related to Winter weather, were made more likely because of flight planning which is both poor and illogical.

And Winter has not yet started!

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Suite à des discussions avec la direction de l'Aéroport le vol Air Mauritius sera avancé d'environ une heure lors du prochain changement d'horaire.
Cela devrait éviter les décollages trop tardifs.

Posted by: toto | 12/14/2010

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