Swiss president Doris Leuthard tells you to fly with Swiss rather than easyJet!

According to some Swiss-French newspapers (but not Geneva papers), OFAC think that easyJet has made changes to avoid another fiasco this Christmas. The facts suggest that OFAC is over-optimistic and mistaken!

When the Swiss politician Raphaël Comte queried the Swiss federal council about the disastrous performance of easyJet this summer, essentially requesting that the Swiss aviation office OFAC intervene to oblige easyJet Switzerland to improve their performance, he was not happy with the answer. Not just because the Swiss president Doris Leuthard simply suggested that dissatisfied customers use the airline Swiss instead, but also because OFAC claim to have nothing to do with punctuality.

The newspaper report stated that the representative of OFAC, Anton Kohler, believes that easyJet Switzerland now has a spare aircraft and has also arranged schedules to include a gap in the middle part of the day in order to absorb unexpected delays (such as a morning de-icing of aircraft, which would clearly be unexpected in Geneva, as would snow be!).

Mr Kohler has previously said the same thing, so he evidently believes it, but it is extremely hard to see any evidence of it. The remarks about extra aircraft and delay recuperation gaps were made in summer by the representative of easyJet UK, Thomas Haagensen, and they may well be true there. However, the local director of easyJet Switzerland, Jean-Marc Thévenaz, has been remarkable by his absence for months now, so there has been no confirmation here.

So, in order that we can all be as convinced as Mr Kohler that there have been changes, I request that Mr Thévenaz, or someone else from easyJet Switzerland, tells us EXACTLY what are these changes.

Which is the new reserve aircraft, and under what circumstances might it be used?

What are the specific gaps being included in the aircraft rotation schedules to absorb delays?

Until these questions are answered, it will be hard to share the beliefs of OFAC.

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