Why is the Geneva airport web site so awful?

In the city where the Web was invented, it is shameful that the Web site of the airport is so terrible. To the bad design and the incredibly slow response time must be added the inability to give up-to-date and relevant information.


In collecting the data for this blog I have consulted many Web sites. All bvut one give me a rapid response, with the information that I asked for. The exception is the GVA.CH web site, which I have previously criticised, but which is getting even worse. The response time for a click to get a new page is between 10 and 60 seconds, sometimes timing out completely (so click again and waste even more time!).

I was collecting information about various problems yesterday, 29 November, which was clearly a day perturbed by the snow and cold weather around northern Europe. In particular, as I had already guessed from the teletext information on the TV, Frankfurt had obviously closed late in the day for several hours. As well as Geneva-Frankfurt flights, this affected the Air Mauritius flight which had come from Mauritius to Frankfurt, but could not do the hop to Geneva before the return to Mauritius. This, by the way, reinforces the argument that this extra short hop is ridiculous: such long-distance flights should be a direct there and back trip!

So did the airport web site say anything about this state of affairs? Stupid question: you certainly can guess the answer. No! Under the heading "The airport communicates" I find things which might interest some people (how I can benefit from more flights to Moscow, reserve a parking space or discover Magic Christmas Days from tomorrow). About what problems there might be around Europe, not a word!

With all those lovely profits that they make, you would have thought that they could afford to have a decent web site, would you not?

So how about telling them what you think? After many long waits I finally found the correct place where you can do this :-


As a starter, I will send them the link to this blog. However, since they only answer emails from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, I will have to be patient.

While waiting, I can compose the next episode of the secret diary of HB-JZI (like why did I come back directly from Amsterdam yesterday evening, instead of passing by Berlin, and other oddities).

And there is snow predicted here tomorrow!

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The guys who created this horrible site can be found at the bottom of the website, apparently design was done by one agency and software by another, its a terrible website ...

Posted by: Gabriel | 12/01/2010

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