An old and noisy private jet!

A Bermuda-registered small business jet makes as much noise (in Vernier, again!) as a Boeing 747. Has it been here before under a different name?

Last Friday, 26 November, a small Gulf-3 business jet made as much noise (93 dBA) as a Boeing 747 when it took off over Vernier, and even more noise than the evening flight of the notorious Airbus A-330 of Air Mauritius. Even though the Gulf-3, like the Boeing 747, is in noise class II, this is slightly surprising. However, an examination of all aircraft movements around then suggest that it was sandwiched in a short interval between another business jet (of Rolex SA) taking off and an easyJet Switzerland Airbus A-319 landing. This makes it pretty certain that the aircraft left from the middle of the runway and the pilot was encouraged to get up and away rapidly.

The actual aircraft seems to be registered as VP-BHR, a registration in Bermuda. In trying to see what information is available for this registration, it is quite evident that such information is unlikely to be available. The Bermuda registration authority does have a presence on the Web, but this site is clearly expecting clients to want confidentiality. One can even read there, under the heading of "Confidentiality the following text

Confidentiality is important to those owners who do not want any third party knowing their scope of operations or details of their wealth. In the US for example the aircraft ownership is a matter of public record and is even available over the internet. Offshore aircraft registrations are generally confidential.

As a result, no information is known about this registration VP-BHR. It is believed to have previously been registered in Saudi Arabia as HZ-HR2, owned by Saudi Oger. However, this latter aircraft does not appear to have visited Geneva recently, though it has been photographed  in Swiss airports over the past years.

There is, however, one curiousity, relative to the flight callsign that it used (JETAVGND). This callsign has been used several times this year, always for a Gulf-3 business jet with registration TJ-AAW, an aircraft supposedly belonging to the Cameroons Government. This latter aircraft has come here five times, each time staying for several days.

Could they all be the same GULF-3 aircraft? Has the Cameroons Government either sold or re-registered the aircraft?

However, the more important question(for residents in Vernier) is why, for such a noisy aircraft, the air traffic controllers do not oblige pilots to use the entire runway, accelerate as slowly as possible and try to make a minimum of noise (the same sort of requirements that we, as car drivers, are encouraged to do!)? And if such a noisy small business jet has to wait a few extra minutes for a suitable slot, then sobeit!    

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