easyJet problems are not just from the snow!

I (easyJet Switzerland airbus HB-JZI) know that it has been a bad time for passengers these last few days. THe problem is not just the weather, though!

OK, folks, I (HB-JZI : HERE is my picture) can now give you the next extract from my secret diary. As you might expect, I know that passengers have been suffering because I and all my Swiss brothers have not been offering a perfect service since the middle of last week: I think I could have helped to improve it if I had been allowed to!

We all agree that this last weekend has been bad. Although the forecasts warned of snow, it always seems to take Geneva by surprise. Of course, the politicians can always find good reasons to explain why snow clearance did not start early enough: they are absolutely superb at never being responsible for anything bad, yet always take credit for the good things. It was Sir Peter Ustinov who once said that he had never wanted to be a politician because he hated the thought of always being right!

Although the main problems were on the roads in town, our airport did not completely escape. My new brother (HB-JZ)U was surprised to have to circle around over the Jura mountains before being allowed to land, but that was better than another brother coming from Lisbon, and a cousin coming from Luton, who both had to land in Lyon. For some reason, we were being allowed to take off, but not to land, around 10am.

However, what really irritated me was last Thursday, 25 November. It should not have, since I only had to do a couple of trips (to Amsterdam, where the inhabitants seem to speak every language, then to Naples, slightly less proper!) before being sent to rest for a while. My brother P (he and I share the same IP address!) was even given the whole day off!

Anyway, things were bad when our half-brother R (the Airbus A320, bigger than the rest of us) was late back from Tel Aviv. He would not say why (apparently, security there is very tight), but it meant that he was then so late leaving for Porto (partly because of some extra delay here in Geneva) that he nearly had to burst a gasket in order to get back here before half past midnight. The ridiculous thing is that we could not help out because we could not carry all of his passengers. I don't know what smart Alec decided to use him here: he has often been in similar problems precisely because none of us can take his place.

Even worse was our oldest brother, F, who got back from Marrakech in the early afternoon, but then stayed here for 5 hours before being sent to Lisbon 2 hours late. Also, the new brother V lost a couple of hours in Madrid, so was also late going out on his last trip to Amsterdam. The end result was that both of them got back only around midnight. Although I (and P) would perhaps not have liked it, I wonder why our owners did not call upon us for the later Lisbon and Amsterdam flights. It shows you that effectively having spare aircraft is no use unless they can be utilised.

And, of course, the ski season will soon be on us, and we will be unlikely to have any time off during the day!

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