Two very late flights by business jets of an Irish company : interesting coincidence!

Last night, 25 November, two business jets belonging to a company in Ireland left Geneva airport between 11pm and midnight. Is it a coincidence that Ireland is in the news?

It happens quite regularly that a business jet takes off from Geneva airport after 11pm at night. This is regrettable (particularly for those people over whom they take off: last night it was poor old Vernier again), as they are quite capable of making as much, or more, noise than the much bigger aircraft of the scheduled airlines..

Last night was particularly interesting because there were two such late takeoffs, and both of them were operated by an Irish company called Westair. This company has rather a poor record for such late takeoffs, with 8 out of 22 takeoffs this year being after 11pm (a slightly higher percentage than last year!).

The fact that Westair flights practically never take off between 10pm and 11pm suggests very strongly that these flights are being scheduled after 11pm. This demonstrates that Westair has no real interest in adhering to the OFAC rules, which state that airlines should try to avoid aircraft movements after 10pm, and that the airport management clearly takes no interest either. ARAG has more than once asked the company for an explanation for these late takeoffs, but has never received any response (rather discourteous). Today I asked Westair for an explanation via a form on their Web site: despite an automatic reply stating that someone would be in contact with me shortly, so far there has been no reply.

Ireland is currently in great financial  difficulties, having had to accept support from the European community on a massive scale in order to defend the Euro and its economy. It is tempting to speculate whether these flights were rich Irish people coming to stash their wealth in Geneva banks, or bankers coming to collect Euros to support  their own country (or both!).

I wonder how much it would take to fill an aircraft like that with 100 Euro notes!

Oíche mhaith is codladh sámh duit.

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