A quiet day for some easyJet Switzerland aircraft, but ...

... despite that, and despite my (HB-JZI) day off, not everything went to plan, nor will it today. Another installment of my secret diary.

Yesterday I (you all know by now that my full name is HB-JZI, an A319 Airbus belonging to easyJet Switzerland) had a rest day. This came about because we are currently 10 brothers and a step-brother R (HB-JZR, a bigger A320) based here in Geneva, but the current light schedules mean that only 9 of us were enough to carry out yesterday's (23 November) schedules.

The other one of my brothers not to be scheduled to fly was P (full name HB-JZP). We spent most of the day on a computer browsing the Web and reading our emails: very relaxing, and amazing what you can learn (including all of our travels). When we got a message asking how to get in touch with us, we replied by sending our IP address.

I was a bit sorry that my twin brother J, after leaving early for  London Gatwick, was obliged to stay there: he was replaced by G. It is a bit a case of musical airports at the moment (later in the day T went to Barcelona, but it was V, one of the new guys, who came back. I think that T then went to Basel). A bit disconcerting, with all these changes meaning that we always have to pack a clean pair of pyjamas and a toothbrush every time we leave here, just in case.

The new guy, V, then had an introduction to a more complicated trip, when he did Geneva to Berlin, then to Amsterdam, then back to Berlin and finally back here. He said that he was a bit confused, but had heard that this route did exist, and that there was even a video of it, featuring M, on the day quite recently when our masters celebrated their 15th birthday.

Anyway, the two of us (me and P, that is) were still happily whiling away the time when the emergency arrived. For some reason, O came back from Madrid but then fell ill before he could go to Amsterdam and back: I wonder if he is the first victim of a flu outbreak . This meant that one of us had to help out at short notice: P was the unlucky one. Despite a mad rush, he only managed to leave here at 9pm, getting back just on midnight. I hate to think what might have happened if, as was often the case, none of us had been idle.

Today, Wednesday 24 November, should be even quieter than usual, as there will not be any flights to or from Portugal, where they are striking over the economy measures to rebalance the country's budget. This mean that our Lisbon and Porto flights are cancelled. However, I will be busy (it would have been too much to expect to have two days in succession off!). I actually do have some general worries whether the problems all over Europe will one day affect us: luckily, it is our rivals, Ryanair, who handle Eire a lot.

I hear from some of our very big and distant family in America that today, which is Thanksgiving day over there (pack up the barbecue gear and prepare for winter!), the passengers are getting very upset at having their bodies scanned, or prodded, in embarrassing detail.

I wonder if it will happen here sometime soon! I don't want my passengers coming on board in a foul mood.

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