A shining brand new Falcon 7X

A brand new and shining private jet visited Geneva yesterday. Its owner no doubt likes it, even though he has a much larger aircraft.

For the first time Geneva airport saw the arrival of a very new Falcon 7X private jet, registered as LX-MES (a registration in Luxemburg). Wikipedia describes this as a long-range business jet which is the flagship offering of Dassault Aviation. It is specified as having a crew of three and being capable of carrying up to 14 passengers.

According to information gleaned on the Web, its owner is none other than Roman Abramovich. It is believed that this aircraft was until recently the property of Global Jet Luxemburg. It had already been spotted and photographed (by several enthusiasts) at Basel airport on 14 November.

It is also reported on the Web that it replaces an old (2006!) Falcon 900DX registered as OE-IDX and operated by Global Jet Austria. This old aircraft has made four visits to Geneva this year: some for less than a full day, some for a few days. It was also seen coming to attend the European Cup games in Geneva back in 2008 and was affectionately known by the nickname "Little Bandit".

This new Falcon 7X is, of course, not big enough to take Chelsea football team to their various encounters in the Champions League. However, his enterprise also owns a much larger Boeing 767, with registration P4-MES and nicknamed "Bandit". Although this registration is one very similar to that of the new LX-MES, the "P4" indicates that it was registered in the Netherlands. This Boeing has not yet been seen in Geneva.

Perhaps when Servette qualify for the Champions League and are drawn against Chelsea, but don't hold your breath waiting!

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