easyJet Switzerland helps out easyJet UK

When [HB-JZ]I came back from a short holiday I was told how my brothers of easyJet Switzerland helped when an easyJet UK cousin was not well. The next extract from my secret diary!

I (my full name is HB-JZI, an Airbus A319 of easyJet Switzerland already related how I left Geneva without any passengers on Wednesday 3 November. Well, it turned out that I was given a week off (maybe for good behaviour!). I don't know quite where I was, because I think that I slept most of the time. Anyway, just a week later, I returned to Geneva feeling much brighter: I even saw my reflection in the windows of the waiting rooms when I left wherever it was: I looked much better.

Now that I am in circulation again, I had to answer various tweets and facebook enquiries from many of the passengers that I have carried. They noticed, via the aircraft movements web site http://data.flight24.com/airplanes/hb-jzi/ that I had not been flying: I reassured them that Ihad not been ill.

It was unfortunate that on the day that I got back, my twin brother [HB-JZ]J had in turn left without passengers just a few hours earlier. With luck, he will also have a week's rest: we all need it after the stresses of a hectic summer here in Geneva. As a consolation, I was given a Nice round trip flight that same day.

In chatting to all my other brothers here, I was told how life has been pretty relaxing. Because it is a quiet time of the year, we are not expected to fly every hour of every day. Effectively, therefore, we have a spare aircraft most of the time: a very rare luxury. This even allowed us to help out our British cousins when one of them could not do a flight from Paris to Geneva and back last Monday evening (I don't know if he was ill, had too much to drink or had tickets for the Moulin Rouge!).

I have never quite understood why we Swiss planes do all easyJet flights to and from Paris (Orly) except for just the one which comes here, then goes back to Paris most days. I suspect the UK cousins fancy a night in Paris, but I don't ask too many questions. What I was told was that we had to help out that evening by using two of our aircraft (my twin brother J and my other brother H). OK, the Paris passengers were a bit late, but nothing abnormal.

It does demonstrate what I keep telling our masters, that a spare aircraft is "a good thing". At the moment that is not a problem, but when we get into the skiing season then things could change for the worse. I actually find the skiers a bit of a pain in the neck (that is just behind my cockpit!) or further down my body (!), when they fight to get on board just like they probably fight to get to the front of queues for ski lifts. Somehow, they seem to forget that good British "Queue this side please" sign that I remember seeing on bus stops years ago.

Other times, other seasons!

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