Another A320 for easyJet Switzerland

easyJet Switzerland has one more Airbus A320, whilst easyJet UK has one less. How to become Swiss in a day!

On Thursday 10 March, the easyJet UK Airbus A320, registered as G-EZTS, flew to Geneva as a Ferry flight (no passengers), arriving at 6h20 pm. On Saturday 12 March, the same aircraft, now re-registered as HB-JZY, made its first flight for easyJet Switzerland: a return (long) trip to Hurghada.

There is more to this change of registration than simply changing the registration name and painting the new one on the side of the aircraft. The change also involves giving the aircraft a new ICAO address and registering this information in the Swiss Federal database. Thus, its old address (40622A, in a block belonging to the United Kingdom) is changed to 4B1A66, in the Swiss block of addresses.

The Swiss Federal database does not give any information about the previous existence of the aircraft. It does, however, indicate that the aircraft is owned by a company called RBS Aerospace Limited, of Dublin in Ireland: this company also owns several other aircraft of the Swiss easyJet fleet. One can hope that they have money in a safe Irish bank.

Interestingly, the Swiss authorities say that the previous A320 to be re-registered here (HB-JZX) is owned by Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation, in Japan, whilst the A319 registered as HB-JZT is owned by Celestial Aviation Trading 29 Limited. This latter company does not have a country associated with it, but maybe celestial bodies don't need one.

Given that there were 11 easyJet Switzerland already in Geneva when HB-JZY became available, one might have hoped that this implied a spare aircraft (the current easyJet Switzerland schedules sometimes require eleven aircraft flying simultaneously). That hope appears to have been quickly quashed when their Airbus A319 HB-JZM left early on the morning of Saturday 12 March as a non-passenger flight and has not been seen here again.

The timetables for this summer, which should be available real soon now, will make for very interesting reading.

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