After the Francophone summit, what aircraft for heads of state?

President Sarkozy had to come to Geneva in an old Airbus A319, but soon he will be upgraded to an aircraft that used to be Swiss. He will certainly be better than the Swiss president, but still far behind President Obama.

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Thanks to the Francophone summit we saw, and heard, some old aircraft

Some of the representatives of francophone countries in Africa came to Switzerland in rather old, and noisy, aircraft. One even beat the noise record at Vernier!

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Francophone Summit: how the Big Cheese travels!

For the Francophone summit, the Big Cheese was certainly President Sarkozy. Someone as important as him travelled with a retinue, courtesy of the French Air Force.

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Francophone summit: work for the Swiss Air Force helicopter pilots

The Francophone summit, held in Montreux , had a lot of important heads of state, so aerial security was important. The Swiss Air Force pilots worked hard.

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How high is your aircraft flying?

In the Lucerne transport museum the special exhibition to celebrate the centenary of Swiss aviation closes this weekend. If you get there you might see a reference to a QNH altitude: explanation.

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Difficulties for handicapped persons using Geneva airport: not ideal!

After seeing complaints about difficulties encountered by handicapped persons flying to and from Geneva airport, I looked for the rules and regulations. Explanations.

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Air France aircraft stopping in Geneva to fill up?

On Monday a couple of Air France aircraft from Paris made unscheduled landings in Geneva. Did the fuel gauge light give a warning?

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Care to fly in a Douglas DC-3 ?

All aircraft enthusiasts know of the famous Douglas DC-3 aircraft, still operating all over the world. Two can be seen occasionally at Geneva Airport

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It has been a bad week for easyJet and other airlines

A bad week for the airlines, mainly because of the strikes in France. However, as recounted in episode 4 of the secret diary of an easyJet Switzerland aircraft, there were other interesting events.

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Geneva-London: train or plane

In just a few years we might be able to go to London in 5 hours on a high speed train: explanations and reflections on the response of the airlines, plus a connection with the miners in Chile

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Agreement between easyJet and Sir Steliosat Haji-Ioannou

On October 12 2010 the English press reported on an agreement between easyJet and Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou concerning their dispute on (lack of) punctuality and the use of the "easy" name. How might this affect Geneva?

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Night time curfew at Zurich and Geneva airports

The night curfews at Geneva and Zurich airports are not identical. After the recent transfer of the department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) from the Socialist party to the Christian Democrat party (PDC), might this change?

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Taggers put graffiti on easyJet publicity posters

Last weekend, 2/3 October, the press reported that easyJet were employing taggers to write graffiti, relative to their terrible summer performance, on their publicity posters. Here is one they forgot!

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At Schiphol a new noise measurement calculation scheme to allow more flights

According to the Swiss radio programme Urbanités, the Dutch authorities hope to raise the capacity of Schiphol airport by another 100,000 flights per year with new runways and a new method of noise calculations. Explanation!

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easyJet Switzerland: Gatwick suffers yet again

(HB-JZ)I had an extremely busy day because of one of my siblings being sick. This is what I wrote in my secret diary.

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